Philips Respronics BiPAP ST

Philips Respronics BiPAP ST

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  • Brand Name: PHILIPS
  • Company Name: MEDICARTIN
  • Product Code: PROD025
  • Size: 252
  • Packing: Box of Pcs
  • Product Condition: New
  • Expiry Date: 01 Aug 2025
  • Vendor Location: BANGALOURE,Karnataka
  • Delivery Days: 3-5 DAYS
  • Availability: 50 IN STOCK
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The BiPAP S/T Non-Invasive ventilator aligns with the System One product family, leveraging accessories across all Philips Respironics sleep therapy and Non-Invasive ventilator devices. The device offers both Bi-level S (spontaneous) and S/T (spontaneous/timed) triggers that respond on demand or automatically to deliver the prescribed therapy.

The device continually monitors and adjust to a patient's changing therapy needs with clinically proven algorithms. The BiPAP S/T System One heated tube humidifier has a temperature sensor at the end of the heated tube to deliver the selected level of humidity to the patient while providing protection against rainout. As a result, higher levels of humidity can be achieved for patients who could benefit from humidification.

The BiPAP S/T is capable of information transfer by SD card and wired, wireless, and broadband modems. It also has onboard memory, which stores a patient's therapy data even when no SD card is present.

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