Realize The True Potential Of Deadstocks

Posted on 17 Dec, 2019

Money is made by not storing the boxes, but moving them. Sellers hold on to their deadstocks for very long, with a hope that they will sell one day, but that never happens due to unacceptance of the reality that the buyers are not ready to accept the worth that you as a seller are putting out there. The fact is, once an item goes on the shelves and stays there for more than expected, it’s a lost cause. There are very rare chances those items would ever make it back to the ‘hot selling products’ list again, and it’s better if you get rid of them as soon as possible.

How can a Business Owner get rid of their Dead Stock?

There are different ways businesses can cut loose their dead stock and convert it into cash to realize their true potential. Among all, one of the best ways to convert dead stock into cash is by finding buyers interested in buying the entire inventory and pay a fair price. That said, finding such buyers is quite difficult. Even if you, as a business, succeed in finding such buyers, you won’t have the bargaining power to negotiate the deal in your favour. You can list your dead stock on platforms like Hotshelf before the gross profit on the product erodes to a negative level.

Hotshelf is an online marketplace for all kinds of buyers and sellers, allowing them to connect with each other and sell their dead stocks.

Benefits of listing your Dead Stock on Hotshelf?

1. Helps You Get Noticed

Hotshelf is an online platform. It leverages the potential of the ‘World Wide Web’ to allow business owners from the farthest corners of India to connect and trade their dead stock for money. The platform has an expansive reach and it does help you get noticed. Your product listing on Hotshelf has higher chances of reaching the right audience compared to other advertorials. In other words, the online marketplace makes it really easy for potential buyers and sellers to find each other without wasting much time.

2.  Adds Life To Your Dead Stock

“One man’s trash is another man’s gold.” This saying perfectly applies to business owners who have dead stocks piling up in their inventory. So, listing non-moving inventory on Hotshelf lets businesses add life to their dead inventory. The takers can recycle and use the otherwise useless stock to manufacture new products.

This also helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint. Most industries dispose of their non-moving inventory by either burning them or by dumping them at landfills. This increases the carbon footprint of that particular business and severely impacts the environment.

3. Helps Your Business Save Money

Holding on to dead stock costs your business every day. The inventory management cost keeps on killing the gross profits. So, the longer you store your stocks the more you’ll lose: you’ll have to pay for the insurance, you’ll have to hire people to manage the inventory, etc. Therefore, find a way to get rid of your dead stock or list it on Hotshelf. The online platform lets you connect with interested takers of your non-moving inventory to help you convert potential waste into profits.