Why Deadstocks Die In The First Place

Posted on 25 Feb, 2020

Whether you’re a local brick and mortar store or a large-scale business organizations, the common cry of all businesses is dead stock. Dead stock refers to the excess inventory which has been on the shelves for a very long time. Since slow-moving inventory also stays on the shelves for a considerably long time, distinguishing between dead stock and slow-moving inventory can be a little difficult. While the slow-moving inventory is mostly seasonal products which still have a chance ...Read More

Hacks To Bring Dead Stock Back To Life

Posted on 18 Dec, 2019

Hacks to Bring Dead Stock Back to Life   Dead stock is one term which can bring sleepless nights to business owners dealing in products. A cash-flow killer, the menace of dead stock has compelled several businesses to shut down at various instances. If you’ve a product based business you know how dreadful it could be. Therefore, it is essential that you take care of the non-moving inventory before time runs out and make necessary arrangements to save your business from any unwa ...Read More

Why Deadstock Inventory Can Cost Your Business

Posted on 17 Dec, 2019

Trends change. What’s hot-selling today will lose the buzz eventually and turn into a dead stock soon, costing your business lots of money. Dead stock, also known as non-moving inventory, refers to products which couldn’t find takers before being removed from sale. How does a Good Inventory turn into a Dead Stock? Businesses, quite often, even the ones which are well-managed, commit mistakes which leads to non-moving inventory. Talking about that, the three major reasons wh ...Read More

Realize The True Potential Of Deadstocks

Posted on 17 Dec, 2019

Money is made by not storing the boxes, but moving them. Sellers hold on to their deadstocks for very long, with a hope that they will sell one day, but that never happens due to unacceptance of the reality that the buyers are not ready to accept the worth that you as a seller are putting out there. The fact is, once an item goes on the shelves and stays there for more than expected, it’s a lost cause. There are very rare chances those items would ever make it back to the ‘hot ...Read More