HOTSHELF is the result of over 20 years’ experience of promoter’s in the distribution business.

Each business across industries faces one major concern, the non-moving inventory which eats into its profits and blocks the valuable funds. This dead inventory is an ultimate loss to any organisation and also a sheer waste of natural resources.
With ever changing environment, any hot selling product can turn into a non-moving stock due to several reasons like changing trends, changing customer preferences, upgradation of technologies, end of shelf life, user’s relocation, amongst others or could simply be a result of wrong judgement of markets.

The list of reasons for the non-moving inventory could be endless and uptill now it only leads to a loss to an organisation. This non-moving inventory is a taboo at all levels of organisation and easily the most avoided question for all.
But, there still are many takers for this so called dead inventory in some different part of the country or any other part of the world. HOTSHELF evolves to connect the businesses with non-moving inventory with buyers looking for great bargains. HOTSHELF is conceptualized to address the most neglected aspect of every business, the non-moving inventory.

Why Hotshelf?

HOTSHELF is a platform to showcase your non-moving inventory, connecting it to users in need of such products or just looking for great bargains.
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HOTSHELF - Giving Life to Dead Stocks!!! Wait no more